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I am a flakey web mistress & mama to four (soon to be 5 ) kidlets.  I spend my days raising chickens, bread, children and other things I've made from scratch.


     Kid-Friendly Restaurants
Portland/Metro Area


Share Your Favorite Kid-Friendly Restaurant!

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The Old Spaghetti Factory  (Family Restaurants)
0715 SW Bancroft Street
Portland, Oregon
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We take our three children here and they always do a fantastic job.  The prices are
great and the children's meals are healthy...not fried.  Our family of five gets in
and out for under $30.  They have call ahead seating...which has eliminated the wait
times.  Have a great time! 

Portland Parent, of 3 kids
~I just thought I would add The Old Spaghetti Factory to your list of kid
friendly restaurants...it is one of the only ones we go to with our three little
ones...6, 4 and baby.  They always do a fantastic job and our children love it! 

~They are comfortable, relaxed atmosphere, great 
kids menu even comes 
with a special cup and ice-cream!!  The restaurant is on 
the river so when you are
 in a need of atmosphere change or attention getter 
check out a boat or even the Christmas
 Boat Parade (SW Portland Location)!!  
Enjoy.  - Amanda, SE PDX Mom of 1

Serratto   (Family Restaurants)
2112 NW Kearny St.
Portland, Oregon

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~Serratto restaurant now has a kids menu!  This is a lively neighborhood restaurant
in Nob Hill that serves wonderful Italian food that pleases foodie parents and
discriminating kid tastes alike.  Etch a sketches are handed out to keep little
waiting hands busy.  We love it.  My son demolished their pizza and then asked when
we could come back.  Kids are welcome during happy hour too (4-6pm)
Such a neighborhood gem!
Anonymous from Beaverton, 1 son (age 4)


Safari Sam's  (Family Restaurants)
Sherwood Plaza just off Hwy 99W and Tualatin/Sherwood Road.
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~Great cheap afternoon of fun with the kids. Spend the afternoon playing in the jungle gym. Pay for the kids and the parents can play for free. A great way to wear them out and get in a fun workout for yourself!
ME, Newberg Mom of 1 (age 3)

~We have been to safari sams three times.  My 2 yr old loves it.  There is an area
with arcade games, another with mini golf and a large indoor jungle gym.  There is a
lot of climbing and parents are welcome to climb along.  it is $4.95 for a 2 yr old
and parents are free.
Cynkat, Tigard Mom of 1



Out of This World Pizza & Play   (Family Restaurants)
6255 NW Century Blvd,
Hillsboro OR 97124
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~This is a brand new place in Hillsboro!
Monica, Hillsboro Mom of 2 (5 and 11 months)

This place is great. It has a several bouncy houses (mom and dad can join in too), a
several story climbing structure with slides, and even a crawling area for the
little ones. Mom and Dad are always free!!! and the kids over 1 are $5!!!
North Portland Mom of 4 yr old and 16 mo twins

This is a huge warehouse like building with multiple play areas for kids.  Even
though they supposedly have a 2 and under area and a 5 and under area, there is not
much to do for kids under about 4.  In the under 2 area there are a few puzzles and
the large bead mazes (like at the dr. office) but that's about it.  In the under 5
area there is a play kitchen and house, a large inflatable with slide and a smaller
slide structure.  Unfortunately there are frequently kids much older than 2 and 5
who monopolize these areas, take all of the toys and run over the little ones.
Overall, this would be great to wear out slightly older kids (huge slide structure
and inflatable to play on), but is not good for younger kids.  Supervision and rule
enforcement needs improvement for the safety of the little ones.  Many parents plant
themselves at the tables and hook up to the free wi-fi, leaving all supervision to
the high school employees.
Hillsboro Mom to 1 (19 months)

Its a great place for kids from 0months to 10yrs. It has some inflatable structures,
big slide, car, rock climbing, kitchen set and lot more. I took my kid when he was
1yr and few months, first time he was exploring a little. He needed my help with few
things, the next time he was playing by himself and explored the whole thing without
my help. I was sitting all relaxed. He was really exhausted when he come home. Its

Fee for this is 5$. I dont know whether they have it still in hillsboro library. You
can get a pass from there and visit for free. But you get the pass only in hillsboro
library. only 2 pass is available.
Rathna, Beaverton Mom of 1 (age 2)

Grandma Leeths Restaurant  -  Closed!
10122 SW Park Way
Portland 97225
~Grandma Leeth's is amazing!  It is a restaurant with adult and kid food that has an enclosed "performance area" where children 2-9 are completely engaged with art projects, games, story time etc.  Your kids can eat their food within the performance area or with you at the table and there are large viewing windows so that you can see what the kids are doing from any pointin the restaurant.  The food is not your typical deep-fried offering for but fresh & healthy alternatives for both adults and kids.  There is a fee for the performance area but for me, it is reasonable and well worth it to be able to sit with my friends and talk and enjoy adult food while the kids are having a ball. My kids love Grandma Leeth's. 
Mermon, Canby Mom of 2 (twins age 5)

This is a perfect restaurant for moms with little kids. They have a see-through, supervised play area for kids. I and my friends were able to enjoy our food (delicious pasta) while kids were havings fun. I strongly recommend this restaurant to everyone.
MBK, Portland Mom of 8 yr old boy


Our Daily Bread  (Family Restaurants)
8680 N. Ivanhoe
Portland, OR
write a review
~Surprisingly good all American diner food and the kids like it.  They welcome families with kids, provide them coloring sheets and have a fun kids menu.  My kids like the "waffle face."  The service is nice and friendly.  And the food is fresh, not frozen.  
-JLo, N. Portland Mom of 2 (ages 4 & 7)

~Some may say this is a kid-friendly restaurant, and it probably is.  However, my
husband & I ate there during a power outage, and were pretty creeped out by the
environment. Even though it's non-smoking, it felt like a place that used to allow
it...the "ambiance" was icky and we felt like we fell into Deliverance (think
dueling banjos.) I would choose somewhere else, even if they gave the awful
cafeteria-style food away for free.
Mama Starfish, North Portland Mom of 6 week old

Vita Cafe  (Family Restaurants)
3024 NE Alberta St.
Portland, OR
Sells: family friendly, lots of vegetarian & vegan option, free range, organic cafe food

write a review
~If you haven't been to this little cafe, it is a must for people with children.  Kids eat for $1 every day from 5-7 pm.  The outdoor patio has a kids play area and a large bocce court where if no adults are playing the kids take to the court.  The food is simple, healthy, orgainic and very filling.  It' a great spot for breakfast, lunch or dinner.  
 -PDX Mom, NE Portland Mom of 2 ( 2 & 4 yrs.)

Anna Bannanas Cafe  (Family Restaurants)
St. Johns
8716 N. Lombard
1214 Northwest 21st Avenue
Portland, OR
write a review
~Several of us moms, overtired, overworked and ready to speak grown-up for a while, have been meeting at Anna bannanas cafe. What a wonderful spot, they have wi-fi, a great smoked sausage filo wrap with organic greens, lots of choices for drinks, soy vanilla steamer for my son and hot chocolate for the girls. I was happy to find they had organic yogurt squeezers and organic applesauce cups for the kids for just a buck! I highly recommend Annas, its great for meeting friends and neighbors, just the kind of place we've been needing in St. Johns. They even offer a big selection of Organic wines and Northwest beers on tap (my favorite was one called "Pantydropper Ale!!"  
 -Tammy, N. Portland Mom of 3

~My name is Sarah Anderson, mom of a spunky 6 year old boy. With that  in mind, I've opened a 2nd cafe here in St. Johns Portland featuring  a kids area in the shape of castle walls, Annie's mac-n-cheese, peanut  butter and jelly sandwiches as well as a wonderful organic menu for  moms and dads. We open the new cafe Saturday the 4th of Feb. We will  be featured on Rachel Ray's Tasty treats on "Food Network" this  spring (they are filming the 22nd and 23rd of Feb.) We provide wood  toys, pop-up books, rocking horse and a big comfy chair for nursing  moms. 
Sarah, Owner of Anna Bananas

I just visited this cafe in St. John's. It's ok; the server was super nice, and the pastry I ate was ok. Coffee was good. It has a semi-bad odor (it smells like it used to be a bar), it's not well lit, and a gentleman was reading the paper and enjoying a bev right next to the very tiny play area. As soon as my son, who is pretty quiet, went into the play area, he huffed and left, while those nearby commented... "oh, did you get kicked out? Was your quiet interrupted?" That certainly didn't make me feel very good! It does have a super great family feel about it, as if you are well known if you become a regular, and it was nice to see demographics... college, new mom, experienced mom, businessmen. Everyone was really nice to my son, even if he wandered near or touched them on accident. The play area does have a super awesome pirate ship, it's beautiful! But toys and games are pretty crammed in such a small space. I'd give it a C, don't know that I'd purposely go there again unless I lived in St. Johns.  Steph, NE Portland Mom of 1

Biscuits Cafe  (Family Restaurants)
Locations: Beaverton, Oregon City ,Portland, Vancouver
write a review
~This restaurant has great food and wonderful service, it has become a
weekend family favorites for us.  The wait staff are kid friendly, they will
bring your child food out first and the warm biscuits and freezer jam is
a must to try if you go.  I also like that each time we have eaten here
with our kids they bring us extra napkins without us asking 10 times and
the portions are so large that we do not order a meal for the kids, we just
ask for an extra plate to share.        Crystal, Beaverton Mom of 2 (1 and 3yrs.)

Chuck E Cheese Pizza  (Family Restaurants)
4145 SW 110th Beaverton, 503-643-2002
9120 SE Powell Portland 503-774-2994
3240 Lancaster Drive NE Salem 503-364-7297
write a review
Okay, this isn't "classy" dining.  We all know
any adult ambiance is lacking and the food is marginal at best,  but
you can't deny that the kids love it.

~This is a vote for Chuck E Cheese in Vancouver Washington.  The web site
Great for parties and big groups. No reservation is required.
Outstanding staff and fun atmosphere.

If you are looking for a low budget, low class, viral breeding ground, search no
more! If you are one of those people who insist that it is acceptable for children
to run around behaving like wild animals because that is the way they are "supposed
to be", then this place is well suited for you. Between the behaviorally inept
children and foul mouthed, uneducated parents, I would sooner take my son to the
race track for a hot-dog than expose him to such chaos.
Chrissy, Portland Mom  (1 son , 7 years)


De Nicola's Restaurant(Family Restaurants)
3520 SE Powell Blvd., Portland                                            
(503) 239-5220
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Epicure Restaurant (Family Restaurants)
407 NW 17th Ave
Portland, OR
(503) 916-4884
write a review
A happy hour that you can bring babies!  One of the things we missed most about parenthood is not being able to take advantage of the cheap food specials that are the highlight of many happy hours especially since we were eating dinner during what is typically happy hour hours.  We were so happy to find this place.  You have to ask for the happy hour menu but the food is amazing and plentiful and at real happy hour prices.  The beef ribs were amazing.  The calamari is great.  And you will not be disappointed at their $3 burger.        Max, NE Portland Mom of 1

Glo Loca Cafe and Bistro (Family Restaurants)
7901 NE Glisan St
Portland, OR
write a review
This is a new neighborhood establishment that I have welcomed wholeheartedly into our community.  The "manager" Lorelei is a fantastic warm spirit who greets us enthusiastically every time.  There is a nice play area for the kids, and they are creating activities for children, such as having a storyteller on Wednesday afternoons.  They are also considering a language circle.  It is just down the street from Montavilla Community Center and a great place to visit before or after for a bite or a coffee.         Elizabeth, NE Portland Mom of 1

Kennedy School Restaurant/Theater - See What's Playing
5736 N.E. 33rd Ave.
Portland, OR 97211
write a review
~ You can take your kid(s) to the theater. It's not kids movies per se, its just movies that we can see and take out babies etc...     Dawn, Beaverton mom of 1

So I went to check out the theater today and found lots and lots of moms out with there babies even daddy's to. It a super cool environment with super friendly staff. I met new mommies and my daughter who is 19months met new playmates as well... Food was very reasonable and good and defiant A+ to go back and check it out!!! $3.00 Dollars for admission.  $3.00 Dollars as well for candy and soda pop (free refills)!  Mrz. Wade, Hillsboro Mom of 1 (age 19 mos.)

Longboard Louie's Restaurant
Healthy Mexican Food
62080 Dean Swift road
1254 NW Galveston Ave
Fresh handmade daily, very good prices.  Very kid friendly and casual.  Surf themed and fun for all ages. 
~Kathi, Bend Mom of 2

Laurelwood Public House (Family Restaurants)
1728 NE 40th Ave Portland

2327 NW Kearney St. Portland, OR
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~You need to remove Laurelwood on 40th from list of kid friendly pubs.  Sadly it
changed hands, teh new owners are idiots and they removed the play area.
This was a big loss, I'm glad it was avaialble while my kids were young.

~This place has its fair share of pros and cons. The menu isn't huge, but
sufficient, and the beer is great! The prices are a bit high for what you get, but
not completely unreasonable.
-I do however make a point to request a table in the main dining area as the west
dining room seems to be designated for families and that usually means a bunch of
uncontrolled kids running around, screaming and completely taking over. My son
cannot stand being on that side because it is so chaotic and unlike most of the
children in there, he has been taught how to behave while dining. That area seems to
be reserved for the people who's children behave in a manner that would not be
tolerated at many restaurants.
-For the more liberal parent it is a great way to get out with the little monsters,
but after 3 attempts, we will pass on future visits.
Mom With Standards, Portland (1 son, age 7)

~The beer and the play area are great.  The thing is they are not enough to make up for the horrible service.  Never have I been served a meal in less than thirty minutes.  If you cater to families you need to get food on the table - one time it was two salads and an order of mac and cheese.  I can make that in 15 at home while attending to the kids!  The food, when it arrives, is OK but not worth the wait and hassle.        SarahC, N Portland Mom of 2, (4yrs and newborn)

Only pub in town that is truly kid friendly.     AsherMom, NW Mom of 1 (17 months)

I agree with other moms who choose this restaurant to be kid friendly ... They have a nice selection of well chosen kids menu... And the atmosphere is great!!! I love it and will always return!!!  Xochi, Hillsboro Mom of 1

~We have always had a great time, good service & great food! It's nice to go to a place to eat & feel comfortable bring your children. My girls loved the play areas & we loved the beer. A great place for the entire family! 
Beth, Portland Mom of 3 (ages 4, and twins 15 months)

Macaroni Grill (Family Restaurants)
300 SW Yamhill Street, Portland/503-546-3040
17003 SW 72nd Avenue, Tigard/503-783-0550
2290 Northwest Allie Ave Hillsboro/503-352-0963
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~Kid likes butter and NOTHING green, you've come to the right place. Just let them know how you want it and they jump. They always bring the children's food first and make fun looking juice drinks too. Love the service.  
Nikki, SE Portland Mom of 1

Mother's Bistro and Bar (Family Restaurants)
409 SW 2nd Ave Portland
write a review
~The food is fantastic at Mother's Bistro, but be prepared to wait for a table - I would recommend going with snacks and toys in tow if you're going with your little ones.        Christy, Canby Mom of 3 (5, 3, 2)

I recently took my 15 month old to Mother's and was very disappointed. The hostess acted put-out at having to seat us with a child (despite the fact that we had a reservation). Our server brought my kid's food last, I had to ask three times for extra napkins and then she only brought two! The food was okay and they do have a small area near the toilets where kids can play but the staff was not at all kid-friendly.
Jenni, SE Portland Mom of 1 (15 months)

~We don't get downtown much these days, and have nothing but good things to say about
Mother's.  We eat there whenever we get the opportunity!

As for not being kid-friendly (as the other review suggests), this is hogwash.  We
dining at Mother's, seated near a couple with a small child (under a year old).  The
baby was starting to fuss with the wait and the couple was clearly getting anxious
for a distraction.  The owner of the restaurant, Lisa, literally picked up the baby
and held her until the family's food came.  She put her on her hip, and went about
greeting guests with the baby in tow.  The baby loved the change of scenery and the
couple was able to have a few minutes of peace before the food arrived.  Kudos for
Mother's Bistro!
Mother's Fan, Yamhill County Mom of 2 (20 mos. & 3 yrs.)


The Old Spaghetti Factory (Family Restaurants)
12725 S.E. 93rd Ave., Clackamas 503.653.7949
18925 N.W. Tanasbourne Dr., Hillsboro 503.617.7614
0715 S.W. Bancroft St., Portland  503.222.5375
write a review
~They are comfortable, relaxed atmosphere, great kids menu even comes with a special cup and ice-cream!!  The restaurant is on the river so when you are in a need of atmosphere change or attention getter check out a boat or even the Christmas Boat Parade (SW Portland Location)!!  Enjoy.  - Amanda, SE PDX Mom of 1

Old Wives Tales Restaurant (Family Restaurants)
1300 E Burnside St., Portland
(503) 238-0470

write a review
What to eat:
    Plenty of dishes to please finicky palates--grilled cheese, noodles with parmesan and cream, steamed veggies and burritos among them. Vegetarians can rejoice in having choices.

~Old Wives' Tales ranks among Portland's favorite kid spots. It's got a colorful playroom and plenty of dishes to please finicky palates--grilled cheese, noodles with Parmesan and cream, steamed veggies and burritos among them. Vegetarians can rejoice in having choices. In addition to daily specials, much of the lengthy menu is devoted to health-conscious and meat-free dishes. Best bets include Hungarian mushroom soup, spinach and potato omelets, poppy-seed pancakes, guacamole salad and the salad bar.         Erica, NE Portland Mom of 3 (16, 9, 7

Peanut Butter and Ellie's  Closed
4405 SW Vermont St. Portland
write a review
~This is such a great kid-friendly restaurant. Chalkboard walls are neat for older kids, and the younger kids can have fun playing with the train track and toys. Food is good too!            Michelle

Stop sitting there behind your computer. Go to peanut butter and ellies right this moment. If you don't have children, steal a friends! Treat them to treat yourself! The coffee is outstanding too! Service is so friendly and warm and mmm, did I mention the salad buckets?        Nikki, SE Portland Mom of 1

~PB & Ellie's has gone through a large remodeling.
I hope everyone who has been waiting will go and take a look.  I helped with some of the painting so make sure all your comments are nice.  :)  I can't wait to try out some of the new food they are planning to offer. 
Rendoulas, NE Portland Mom of 3

Red Robin (Family Restaurants)
Portland/Metro Locations
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~Red Robin has good food and great atmosphere for kids...our baby loves to watch everyone and everything.  We've never had a bad meal there.      BB, Sherwood Mom of 1

My two yr old is very loud most of the time, and they are great. You can't even hear her and she loves it.  They always have great customer service and always have a smile.  The place is very clean and very fast.  You're never waiting hours for your food to arrive even when it's busy.  They make you feel at home even when you're out. 
Jessica, Portland Mom of 2 =n

~I agree, Red Robin does an excellent job with their staff and family friendly atmosphere... One of the few places that I don't get stressed when my kids are being kids! Kudos for tasty food and great service!
~M and T's Momma, Vancouver Mom of 2 (3 and 8 mos)

Racoon Lodge (Family Restaurants)
7424 S.W. Beaverton Hillsdale Hwy
Portland, OR
write a review
~Cozy, pub atomosphere that is kid-friendly. My daughter enjoyed looked at all the different animals on the walls and telling me about them. The "Little Critter" menu has a wide variety of choices for the kids. Good selection sandwiches & burgers for the adults. A bonus is that kids eat free on Mondays (one adult per child for free meal).       
Cindy, Beaverton Mom of 2

Stark Street Pizza (Family Restaurants)
9234 SE Stark Street
Portland, OR
(Just west off 1-205)
(503) 255-7227
write a review
~The fire's really nice when it's cold out and the kids love to check out everything on the walls. Plenty of eye candy for children and adults alike. If there isn't a game on (and sometimes even if there is!) they have switched the TV to cartoons for the kids. Which is a great thrill because they don't get big screen cartoons at home!        Nikki, SE Portland Mom of 1



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